Advantages of Univers Video

  1. Ease of use: Here are the steps to add video to your blog:
    1. Login to WordPress
    2. Click Posts -> Add New
    3. Click Insert -> [Video Icon]
    4. Click Browse and choose a video file on your computer
    5. Click Show, and then click Insert into Post
    6. Click Preview, wait for the video to process, and then Publish
  2. Promotional: A share button is included in the player to be able to post the video onto other peoples websites and blogs. This then includes a logo and a link back to the original source of the video.
  3. Accessibility / Web Standards: The video plays in browsers natively (Firefox 3.5+ and Safari 3.1.2+), using HTML5 video, without plugins. In addition to Flash for all the other browsers. It also does not *require* JavaScript, which makes the video accessible to an even wider audience, ranging across many devices and software.
  4. Freedom: We can also adjust the quality of the encoding and the sizes of the video. It’s open-source so that we can customize it to work the way that you need.
  5. universvideo_comparison