Univers Video is a Plugin for WordPress 2.8 that provides video transcoding, resizing, and playback of video using HTML 5 Video for Firefox 3.5+ and Safari 3.1.2+, and Flash. To setup and install, this plugin requires some experience with development and administration on GNU/Linux. After installation, adding video to your blog is easy.

To add video to your blog

  1. Login to WordPress
  2. Click Posts -> Add New
  3. Click Insert -> [Video Icon]
  4. Click Browse and choose a video file on your computer
  5. Click Show, and then click Insert into Post
  6. Click Preview, wait for the video to process, and then Publish

Cross Browser Video Playback

The Univers Player uses native video playback in Firefox 3.5 and Safari using the HTML 5 video tag. For cross compatibility with browsers that do not yet support video, Flash is used, but it’s hard to see the difference.

HTML 5 Video + Flash + FFmpeg + WordPress

Video on the web can be as easy as images on the web with the introduction of the HTML 5 video element, <video src="sample.ogg"></video>, at least in: Firefox 3.5b4, Safari 3.1.2 +, and Opera Betas (sort of). However HTML 5 still isn’t supported in all browsers, and different browser support different codecs. To solve this problem we’ve reduced the complexities of video player’s the separate implementations, HTML 5 video and Flash, by giving the player a single interface that works the same in both. Furthermore we’ve made a WordPress plugin that will use FFmpeg to automatically encode the uploaded video into the appropriate codecs, mp4 h264/aac and ogg vorbis/theora, and in multiple sizes.