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Search Engine Optimization

Monday, October 31st, 2011

It’s been more than two years now since I’ve posted here last. I haven’t updated the project, though may receive attention later. I would like to combine the project with another that has come up in the last two years called, MediaElement.js . I’ve determined that the “Share” feature is a bad idea, originally wasn’t my idea, and introduces so much complexity, the project becomes unmaintainable. It’s designed around the idea that people are not able to make a copy of the video, where this is best used for videos that can be copied and licensed in the appropriate way, such as using a Creative Commons license.

There is also a great deal of support for HTML5 video when dealing with feeds, mobile (no flash), and search engine optimizations. There are a few people that were interested and following this plugin that were big into SEO.

For yet another reason to adopt HTML5 video, I’m pleased to note that HTML5 video is now appearing with appropriate thumbnails in search results.