Video for Everybody!

So I’ve added in the Video for Everybody HTML code block for graceful JavaScript fallback. JavaScript is used to detect if there are enough capabilities of the browser to support the custom JavaScript HTML5 video controls, but JavaScript is not required.

Grab it while it is hot!

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  1. mysoogal says:

    i just noticed there is no flv encoded lol its mp4 and thus flvtool2 is useless.

  2. mysoogal says:

    found something interesting

    it looks like its working for me, when I import using this plug-in or maybe it works due to me clicking the edit btn ?

  3. Braydon Fuller says:

    i just noticed there is no flv encoded lol its mp4 and thus flvtool2 is useless.

    😉 it uses mp4 so that it plays using HTML5 video on safari and other places.

    That looks like a great plugin, we would just need one that would be “Add for URL”

  4. Braydon Fuller says:

    i find web interface for wget !

    Looks like it’s written in Perl, so it would be difficult to get working in WordPress (PHP) maybe….

  5. mysoogal says:

    maybe curl ?

    im reading it can do things such as wget and curl can be accessed from php ?

  6. Braydon Fuller says:

    Thanks for the links and code. 🙂 Should come in handy.

  7. mysoogal says:

    hmm i wonder your sh script can it also encode everything inside the upload folder ? what i have in mind is using sh to automate the encoding inside the uploads folder, so anything that gets uploaded will be encoded and sent to the right place, i have this bash script which few others helped me with

    # ffmpeg and mencoder script
    # Grab thumb from avi, start encoding to ITU h264 using mencoder, ffmpeg is doing thumb processing

    # Bash script for operating system Ubuntu 8.10

    # Written by FakeOutdoorsman and updated by mysoogal
    # Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported
    # trackback

    # Location of source videos
    # Extension of source videos

    # grab thumbs hehehe ! yahhoo hope this works!
    find ${sourcelocation} -iname “*${sourceext}” -exec ffmpeg -v 0 -y -i {} -vframes 1 -ss 90 -vcodec mjpeg -f rawvideo -s 286×160 -aspect 16:9 {}.jpg \;
    # Check to see if videos were encoded, then delete source vids and shutdown
    if [ -e “${sourcelocation}*.ogm” ] && [ -e “${sourcelocation}*.jpg” ]; then
    # Delete videos
    rm ${sourcelocation}*.ogm
    # Sleep for 10 seconds before shutting down
    sleep 10
    # Shutdown computer
    # sudo shutdown -h now
    echo “Encoding FAILED”

    # Convert all video clips to ITU H264 OGM video container
    find ${sourcelocation} -iname “*${sourceext}” -exec mencoder {} -o {}.ogm -af volume=10 -aspect 16:9 -of avi -noodml -ovc x264 -x264encopts bitrate=300:level_idc=41:bframes=3:frameref=2: nopsnr: nossim: pass=1: threads=auto -oac mp3lame \;


    it automates the video encoding process and gets jpg then sends to some other folder or etc i wonder if this can be used instead, this way you have many methods to upload to wordpress, it could be ftp, curl,wget etc the file just needs to be in the uploads folder. hmm this way remote uploads and other limiting factors are taken out

    makes any sense,

  8. Braydon Fuller says:

    Hm. I like the idea of a script going through the videos uploaded to see what has been uploaded and checking to make sure everything is encoded. This way it can be run after something is uploaded, I’d like to see it have some sort of queue so that if there are a lot of videos they don’t all try to encode at once.

    This would decouple the encoding from the WordPress plugin, which would be great to do. That way it doesn’t really matter how the videos get there. Would be extra awesome if the Media Library would show any videos in the upload folder, so you could FTP them yourself, and they would show up in WordPress’ Media Library…

  9. Braydon Fuller says:

    Something else I’ve been wanting to do is find a way to have a webservice setup to be able to encode videos, that way they don’t need to install FFMPEG. Also I am thinking about having an option to manually upload the files, so no encoding on the server is necessary.

    What do you think?

  10. mysoogal says:

    ” webservice setup ” you mean paid encoding service ? or local encoding service anyways has API, has API but you know these things are so expensive for a normal user,

    ” script going through the videos uploaded to see what has been uploaded ”

    would be nice, i figured in the plug-in if i change the width height videos will all be re-encoded

    doesn’t plug-in already provide that ” some sort of queue ” ?

    “This would decouple the encoding from the WordPress plugin”

    just like my idea ! i was thinking to remove the need for WP in order to encode or upload, i was thinking to somehow take that plug-in process outside and do it under some type of system service setup then we can just upload or ftp whatever into that folder and when completes we can view that in Media Library, from there we can just post as normal,

    i think a service setup is pretty much good

    i think this could probably be done on python or bash scripting im reading bash can also use mysql so inserting new records i think for encoding should work :O

  11. mysoogal says:

    p2p video encoding for Linux , and Windows

    local encoding service ?

  12. […] Die Lösung funktioniert auch mit dem iPhone. Da der Code etwas umgangreich ist, gibt es auch ein Plugin für WordPress und ein Python-Modul für Django, CherryPy und andere. Notiz an mich: Testen! [Peter van I. per […]

  13. Hey,

    would you add your plugin to the wordpress plugin codex? Or is it too advanced for that?

    Would be nice to be able to install it right from inside WP. :-9

  14. Braydon Fuller says:

    @Odin / Velmont

    It’s not ready for the plugin codex. Would still like to work out a few issues before that. The difficulty with FFMPEG right now is one of the hang-ups. There also isn’t a configuration page, everything is done by modifying the code, which is the wrong way to do it. I would like to get it to the wordpress plugin codex sometime though.